Vengalappai - Bronze Karandi

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Vengalappai - Bronze Karandi - the traditional karandi or serving spoon. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.  

Using Bronze pot - Vengala panai to cook rice or dal or pongal , sweet pongal and also to boil milk. Bronze has medicinal value that specifically pacifies Vata  ie dry skin, nervous temperament, irritability and pitta. It also helps reduce obesity, improve eyesight and skin condition. This vessel is best to cook; however, you cannot use ghee in a bronze vessel

Significance of Traditional Vessels 

Our Vedic Tradition gave immense importance to the metals that our cooking utensils are made. Some of the metals that were used to make traditional vessels are Copper, Bronze, Brass, Clay, Stoneware and Iron 

Each of the metals had their own significance and not all dishes were prepared using any of these metal vessels. Each of the dish was prepared in the metal vessels  which not only added taste but also enhanced medicinal properties int here own way. There was science behind the type of metal vessel that was used. 

Product Description:


Golden Yellow

Primary material

Bronze -  alloy of copper and tin


Small and Big

What is in the box?

1 Vengalappai - Bronze Karandi / Ladle


Bronze Ladle / Karandi is available in 2 sizes