Chandra Graha Shanti Homam

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Chandra Graha Shanti Homam is performed to remove the astrological defects or doshas (impurities) in the horoscope caused due to badly placed Chandra. 

Chandra Graha or Planet Moon plays a key role in the birth chart which helps for improving the personality of a person. It also signifies the moods, feelings, memory, charm, sensitivity, growth, popularity, emotions,etc. Afflictions in moon may lead to several problems which cause adverse effects. Hence, one must focus on overcoming them by doing certain rituals to achieve best results.

Benefits of Chandra Graha Shanti Homam / Havan

  • Chandra graha shanthi homam provides methods for overcoming mental and physical problems to a wider extent.
  • It involves chanting of mantras from the vedic scriptures along with fire rituals to get desired outcomes.
  • This homam also shows ways for reducing the negative effects of moon to live a happy and prosperous life.


The Homam to be performed depends on the type of problems & the individual’s Birth Chart, usually a Pandit is consulted for advice on the type of homams that are to be conducted. If you have any doubts please send us a mail to A detailed analysis of your Horoscope chart can be done by our Pandits would suggest you the most suitable remedies or if to conduct special poojas or homams for specific problems, that would help you over come your problems and to obtain evident good results