Remedies / Parihara

Vedic Astrology suggests that there are unfavorable conditions caused by the bad placement or association of planets in the birth chart which is known as “Dosha”

Dosha is derived from Sanskrit word "dush" which means bad. 

Dosha reduces all the positives of the favorable associations in the birth chart.

Vedic astrology has laid out set of rules to identify the planetary combinations which can cause Doshas (Afflictions).

The strength of these planetary afflictions depends on the placement and association of the planets and these placements and association of the planets are determined by your Karmic actions from the past.

Not only that Vedic texts also prescribe remedial rituals be performed to mitigate the adverse effects of these Doshas.

Depending upon your doshas you can book online to perform remedial homa / Parihara homam at