Pujas at Anarghyaa.com

Pujas / Puja Pat and Parayanams performed at Anarghyaa.com:

We @ Anarghyaa.com provide the best in class Puja / Pooja Services performed in our place. You can Choose from wide range of Puja and Parayanam list that we are offering and place the order online along wiht your details like: Name, Gotram, Nakshatra and Rashi. Some of the puja that we conduct are; Sankatahara Chatruthi Puja, Satyanarayana Puja, Rudra Parayanam, Pradosha Puja and many more.... You can book online to perform the puja of your choice.  

  • All the Pujas are performed in samashti sankalpa or group sankalpa or group invoking.
  • You will receive the divine blessings of the puja procedure in the form of ‘prasadams’ sent to you.

For performing customised individual Puja- send us a mail to: info@anarghyaa.com.