Narayaneeyam Parayanam

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Narayaneeyam Parayanam is the chanting of sacred hymn of Narayaneeyam. This will bestow with Happiness, fame, wealth, success, health and prosperity. Narayaneeyam Chanting is mainly performed for curing diseases

About Narayaneeyam:

The sacred text Narayaneeyam was composed in the shrine of Lord Krishna in the temple of Guruvayur (temple city in Kerala). Narayana Bhattathiri, an ardent devotee, wrote his prayer to God in the form of 10 verses each day (known as Dashakam), thus composing the entire text in 100 days. The first 36 dasakams (36 chapters) describes the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu and the next 52 chapters describes the life of Lord Krishna (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). The next 10 chapters sings the ultimate praise of Lord Vishnu as the primordial deity. Through the last chapter, he concludes the hymn by describing the Lord from head to toe who appeared in front of him upon listening to his soulful rendition.

Mythology behind Narayaneeyam

At the age of 27, young Vedic scholar Narayana Bhattathiri composed Narayaneeyam when he was crippled due to rheumatism which originally affected his Guru. He had the disease transferred to him through his prayer to relieve his Guru from the suffering. When his condition got worse, he surrendered himself to Lord Guruvayurappan. He had a thought that if he was able to transfer the disease, he would be cured with complete faith in the Lord. He reached the temple after great difficulty and started to submit his prayers by composing 10 verses each day and continued for 100 days. He lived long after receiving God’s blessings of Aayush, Aarogya, Soukhyam (Longevity, Health and Overall Wellbeing)


Benefits of Narayaneeyam Parayanam:

  • Will be Blessed with long life and fame
  • Will Attain high position and wealth
  • Will be protected from danger 
  • Get rid of fear and attain salvation
  • Protection from negative thoughts


Narayaneeyam Parayanam is the divine tonic for – Aayu (ayuh), Aarogyam, Soukyamy – longevity, health and happiness, for all those who approach it with sincerity of faith and devotion.

Narayaneeyam Parayanam is ideal for:

  • People who are facing health realted problems
  • Women who are having frequenty miscarriages
  • Pregnant women to have a safe delivery and be blessed with a healthy child 
  • People who are yearning for fame, success and prosperity 
  • People who are having fear 

Book online to perform Narayaneeyam Parayanam at We will peform the puja on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam 

 Narayaneeyam Parayanam Prasadam that you will receive:

  • Vermillion
  • Sandal 
  • Akshatha



The sacred scriptures prescribe Homam, Abishekam, PujaYantra and Mantra as the ways to offer your prayer to the divine.