Varahi Homam

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Varahi Homam is a very powerful homam that protects all devotees who are facing evil things happening in their life.  Goddess Varahi is the right and powerful Goddess to address problems in life in forms of ill health, black magic, evil eye casting, unnecessary mishaps in life, lack of courage and confidence, fear in performing any task, lack of wealth and status in your society.

Varahi is  also called Dandin Devi (Lady Commander of the forces of the Mother-Goddess, symbolizing the might of Sri Vidya). Varahi Homam is performed by invoking Varahi devi followed by the chanting of mantras dedicated to the goddess and then performing the homam

Significance of Varahi Homam:

Goddess Varahi Devi to negate all the evil forces influencing your life. She will bless you with pure thoughts and a hassle free life. 

  • Performing Varahi Homam will remove evil deeds or black magic and protect yourself or your loved ones from mishaps such as accidents,
  • Performing Varahi Homam will negate your troubles and wards away evi eye casting
  • Performing Varahi Homam will bestow on you the power of wealth and status in the society, gain victory over your enemies
  • Performing Varahi homam will dispel fear and bestows courage and confidence.
  • It provides Supreme victory over enemies & all those who stand in the way of one's progress.
Varahi Homam performed at Anarghyaa:
  • For Customized Homam - Date can be fixed as per one’s Janma nakshatra and the yoga, thithi of that date.

Varahi Homam is ideal for:

  • People who suffer from evil eye casting, black magic and negative forces
  • People who struggle with negativity in their lives
  • People who are challenged with fear or facing unknown health issues 

Varahi Homam Procedure:

  • Ganapathi pooja
  • Punyaha Vachanam 
  • Maha Sankalpam
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Navagraha Pooja
  • Varahi Homam (1008 japams and tat dasams homam)
  • Poornahuti
  • Ashirvachanam
  • Prasada viniyogam

About Goddess Varahi:

Varahi is one of the Saivite Shakti deities with the group of goddesses known as SAPTAMATAS or SAPTHA MATRIKAS. They are: Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Mahendri and Chamundi. They are the Shakti (female) equivalents of their male counterparts. Vaarahi is the Shakti of Bhairavar who is one of the Amsam of Bhairavar.

Created from the boar avatara of Vishnu, She is described to have human body with eight arms, head of a boar and also having three eyesVaarahi is  also called Dandin Devi (Lady Commander of the forces of the Mother-Goddess, symbolizing the might of Sri Vidya). As Varahi (""hog-faced"" or ""the great consumer"") she destroys evil forces that obstructs the devotees' progress, paralyses the enemies, and led the devotees ultimately to Sri Vidyas. She is also called Panchami). With Kurukalla, she is accorded the parental status to Sri-Chakra (Lalita Tripura-Sundari). While Kurukalla represents the full moon, Vaarahi represents the new-moon.


The Homam to be performed depends on the type of problems & the individual’s Birth Chart, usually a Pundit is consulted for advice on the type of homams that are to be conducted. If you have any doubts please send us a mail to A detailed analysis of your Horoscope chart can be done by our Pundits would suggest you the most suitable remedies or if to conduct special poojas or homams for specific problems, that would help you over come your problems and to obtain evident good results

The main objective of performing the Homams is to enrich positive energy of the ruling planets and to nullify the negative elements shown in the birth chart. It is also a form of remedial measure which has been followed from the ancient times. Homams and poojas performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni – the God of fire. It is said that when Lord Brahma (the creator among the Trinity) created man, he also created “Homam” for man’s livelihood and his attainment of spiritual desires.