Vaijayanti Mala

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Vaijayanti Mala for your dialy puja wear and meditation.  Vaijayanti mala is also called as japamala of victory. 

Vaijanti are unique white bead seeds found only in the braj forests around mathura (the land of krishna). They are slightly elongated, shaped more or less like tear drops.


Significance of Vaijayanti Mala: 

  • Vaijayanti mala is known as the "mala of victory" and is used to phone upon ram and krishna to dispell untruth and injustice 
  • It is a common belief that bearer of vaijanti mala never looses anything in life
  • Vaijanti are for removing the malefic effects of the planet saturn.
  • It balances all doshas


  • The images shown are for reference only. The actual product may vary in size and color. 
  • Vaijanti mala usually sometimes have cracks in some beads because of it's fragile nature but that does not have any negative impact.