Tulasi Mala

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Tulasi Mala is one of the most popular malas worn by Indians since time immemorial. According to ancient scriptures like Vedas, Tulsi Mala can be worn by anyone without any restrictions on age, gender or caste. There is no need for elaborate rituals and prayers to adorn Tulsi Mala.

Significance of Tulasi Mala:

  • Tulsi Mala is instrumental in cleansing mind, body and soul of all impure karma and thoughts.
  • Wearing Tulsi Mala round the neck increases the life force. It does not let bad thoughts come in your mind.
  • Chanting on Tulsi Mala and wearing it in the neck prevents the necessary acupressure points, which reduces mental stress
  • Tulsi face enhances glow and provide divine sensation
  • Tulsi Mala is beneficial in treating skin diseases.


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