Suryanarayana Saligrama

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Suryanarayana Saligrama | Shaligram is a very powrful deity of Lord Suryanarayana. 

By worshipping Suryanarayana Saligram | Shaligram the worshipper gets the quality of the sun -  which is the brilliant radiance and strength. Worshipping Suryanarayana Saligrama Gives happiness, popularity and material gains. Enlightens the Super Consciousness. It, removes worry, suspicion, guilt, fear and all kinds of physical and mental illness. It also improves the decision making and administrative capabilities of the worshipper. Also protects from accidents and misfortune.

Saligram-stones are found only in the river Gandaki, which is a Himalayan stream. Like the worship of Shiva in the form of a Linga, the worship of Vishnu in the shape of a Shaligram. For worhsipping Saligramam / Shaligram no initiation is required; there is no special rituals or specific procedure of worship, nor any need for a qualified priest. Worshipped by regular bathing saligram stones in curds, ghee, milk or water will give untold merit and will bestow all the benefits. 


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