Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam

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Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam is the comination homam of Sharabeshwara, Goddess Shoolini Durga and Goddess Prathyangira. This is a very powerful homam as it the culmination of 3 power houses.

According to ancient sacred text, Lord Shiva manifested as the enormous Sharaba (Sharaba means King of Birds) with Goddess Pratyangira and Goddess Shoolini Durga as his huge wings to quell the rage of Lord Narasimha, avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

This homam is performed by invoking the moola mantra of Lord Sharabeshwarar, Goddess Shoolini Durga and Goddess prathyangira and homam is performed as per the vedic scriptures and shastra 


Significance of Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam:

The ferocious Goddess Shoolini Durga and the lion-faced Goddess Pratyangira help remove suffering and shield you with positivity, power, peace and prosperity to progress in life.


Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam is ideal for: 

  • People who are suffering from negative forces
  • People who are suffering from black magic and evils eyes


Benefits of Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam / Havan:

  • Destroys the impact of negative forces on your life
  • Clears your path of success
  • Improves good fortune and prosperity
  • Improves confidence and removes ill-treatment
  • Helps overcome suppression and gain recognition
  • Helps you conquer your lost powers
  • Sweeps away your misfortunes, health ailments and evil eye
  • Helps you find solution to problems
  • Pacifies planetary afflictions
  • Removes curses and nightmares

Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam Procedure:

  • Ganapathi pooja
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Maha Sankalpam
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Navagraha Pooja
  • Sharaba Shoolini Prathyangira Homam (Japam and Avarthi Homam)
  • Poornahuti
  • Ashirvachanam
  • Prasada viniyogam



The Homam to be performed depends on the type of problems & the individual’s Birth Chart, usually a Pundit is consulted for advice on the type of homams that are to be conducted. If you have any doubts please send us a mail to A detailed analysis of your Horoscope chart can be done by our Pundits would suggest you the most suitable remedies or if to conduct special poojas or homams for specific problems, that would help you over come your problems and to obtain evident good results

The main objective of performing the Homams is to enrich positive energy of the ruling planets and to nullify the negative elements shown in the birth chart. It is also a form of remedial measure which has been followed from the ancient times. Homams and poojas performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni – the God of fire. It is said that when Lord Brahma (the creator among the Trinity) created man, he also created “Homam” for man’s livelihood and his attainment of spiritual desires