Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Rose Quartz Bracelet makes a great spiritual wear. Rose Quartz is the stone of love and promotes rejuvenating and gentle energies of compassion, serenity, peace and self-acceptance.

Rose Quartz Bracelet is used for wearing around. the wrists. 


Significance of Rose Quartz:

  • Rose Quartz bring to you the energy of unconditional love and infinite peace, both for yourself and for others.
  • It is the key heart chakra stone, healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It overcomes heart traumas, attracts love, draws off negative energy & replaces it with loving energy, increases fertility and helps people in change (excellent for mid-life crises, male and female).
  • Rose Quartz can assist in restoring trust and harmony, gently drawing off negative energy and replacing it with loving vibrations, it is considered by many as the finest of healers


Product Description:

No. of Beads: 18 Beads

Color: Pink 

Pattern: Round 



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