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Psychic Reading is an esoteric science practiced by enlightened masters, who have got the blessings of the Siddhas to communicate with the Angels and seek their guidance to ease us from sufferings.

Through Psychic Reading, one can not only understand what is going to happen in future, but also understand the reasons for some of the events that had happened in one\'s life earlier. Hence, Psychic Reading can provide you important information about the events of your life with better accuracy. However, it does not stop there. It also provides valuable remedies that can clear the problem. It has been proven that the Psychic Reading readings are 95 % accurate through thousands of readings.

Vishnu Maya Reading:

  • Reading will be for 30 Minutes over zoom
  • This reading is given, based on the registered individual's name and age
  • We guarantee your privacy
  • The records (written) of the readings and the remedies will be sent to your by mail

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