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Prashnam Consultation - Prashnam is a Sanskrit word which means a question or query. The predictive astrology tools are classified under Hora and Prashnam. Prashnam is the most sophisticated method for finding out the root cause of doshas (toughest problems). It is widely practiced for knowing the cause of problems and to prevent the troubles or calamities that may befall an individual or a family.

It is believed that the fortune or misfortune that befalls a person is the result of Karma. The bad deeds of the past and current lives can be the cause for person’s sufferings at a time, and through  prashnam this can be decided.

There are variety of methods that are used to practice Prasnam like 

  • Pooprasnam
  • Thamboolaprasnam
  • Ashtamangalaprasnam
  • Thalkalaprasnam
  • Kavadi Prashnam

We normally use Ashtamangalaprasnam and Kavadi Prashna. The Details we  need for Prasnam consultation are: 

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Father’s Name

Astrologer will answer 3 questions asked by inquirer After the Chart being prepared, we will get in touch with you for online consultation on mutual comfortable date and time

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