Panchaloha Nataraja Idol

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Panchaloha Nataraja Idol - ideal for your home or office.

Lord Siva is known as Nataraja - the lord of dance in the cosmic dancing pose. The dance is called Tandavam. The dance is symbolic of divine realization beyond the realms of the walking dreaming and deep sleep consciousness. As the dancing deity he has four arms delicately poised. The upper right hand carries the damaru (drum) which creates the primal sound causing the creation of the world. The upper left hand makes a half moon posture called Ardha chandra mudra on whose palm bears a agni or flame symbolizing the destruction of ignorance. The second right hand shows the Abhaya mudra. The second left hand points towards the raised foot which signifies upliftment and liberation.

As the name suggests Panchaloha Nataraja  vigraham are made up of 5 metals.

Product Specifications Information:


Panchaloham - 5 metals 





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  • For Shipment abroad, It requires Non-antique certificate from archeology department. whereby the department will hold the product for 30 days in their office. Then the idols will be dispatched through Indian Post. 
  • The actual color and size of the product may vary. The image is for indicative purpose only