Lotus Seed Japamala

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Lotus Seed Japamala for your daily wear during puja and meditation. The lotus flower represents the symbol of fortune and Goddess Mahalakshmi. Hence for the Sadhana and mantra chanting of Lakshmi a special rosary made of seeds of lotus is used.

Lotus grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. It also resembles the purifying of the spirit which is born into murkiness. It also signifies that those who are working to rise above the muddy waters will need to be faithful followers.

Significance of Lotus Seed Japamala:

  • Lotus seed mala is for concentration power and for removing poverty.
  • Best to get blessings for better prosperity and good money flow.
  • If one lotus seed mala is worn around the neck, and another is held in the hand during mantra Japa, Divine Mother in the form of the kundalini energy touches all the chakras, cleansing them and making them bloom like radiant lotus blossoms.


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