Kubera Puja Kit

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Kubera Puja Kit has all the essentials for worshipping and pleasing Lord Kubera. This pack can be used for daily puja or for any ritual involving worshipping Lord Kubera.

Kubera Puja Kit contains -

  1. Lord Kubera statue
  2. Puja thali brass 
  3. Haldi kumkum container 
  4. Cotton wicks
  5. Puja essential powder - Turmeric Poweder, Kumkum, Sandal Powder
  6. Mauli Set of 2 rolls
  7. Prasadam 50 gms
  8. Brass Diya 
  9. Brass Bell
  10. Agarbatti packet (10 sticks)
  11. Camphors

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