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Kan Drishti Ganapathi Photo for your home.  Place Kan Drishti Ganapathi Photo on the entrance of your home. 

The word ‘Drishti’ means sight in Sanskrit. A natural or casual look at anything is harmless. But it is believed that the shafts of sight tinged with the element of jealousy have the power of destroying the thing or the person which they strike.

Kan Drishti Ganapathi is an all-powerful glorious divine form brought into being with the unique, powerful blessings of Sage Agastya, the foremost among the eighteen Siddhas. Lord Vinayaka has the power to bring about thought transformation ( from bad thoughts to good thoughts).  He symbolises Devi Parashakti. He with Agni in one hand and the Third Eye on His forehead reveals that He is none else than Lord Siva. Holding Sanku, Chakra and Gatha, He appears as the very form of Lord Vishnu, assuring protection to the meek and weak. Amritha Kalasa on His crown connotes Lord Dhanvanthri, the dispeller of diseases. The circular radiance round his profound head reminds one of the Goddess Gayathri, giver of all desires. The Mahakundalini, Goddess Thiripurasundari, who could be discerned in His form, is sure to generate good thoughts in mind and lead one in the right path.

He dispels poverty and bestows prosperity on his devotees. 

Product Descrption:

The photo is with frame 

Size: 8" x 11"  

Frame is without glass 

Frame Color : Brown and matt finish 



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