Kala Bhairava Homam

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Kala Bhairava Homam  is the most powerful among all the Bhairavas. Bhairava is the form of Lord Shiva. Kala Bhairava is the Lord of time. Performing Kala Bhairava Homam helps the person to manage their valuable time very effectively and efficiently and use the time very productively. 

Kala Bhairava Homam is performed by invoking Kala Bhairava and the mantras are chanted and then the homam is performed as per shastras.


Significance of Kala Bhairava Homam:

Kala signifies "time" and "Bhairava" the appearance of Shiva. Performing Kala Bhairava Homam on this auspicious day favors us with time administration abilities, protects us against mischance's and other unforeseen occasions, brings us sure vitality and achievement, eases us from obligations and enhances our budgetary status and frees our negative Karma.

Time is the most important factor in the universe, and no one can reverse the effects of days gone by. Even Gods accept the inexorable march of time and respect its value. Time is money, thus managing it efficiently is vital for living a life with discipline and punctuality. Kala Bhairava Homam is performed to invoke the blessings of the deity to manage and utilize our time successfully for optimal results and productivity. It is of paramount significance for business people who seek to accomplish and attain success in their endeavors.

By performing the Kala Bhairava Homam seek divine guidance in leading a life adhering to the principles of time management.


Kala Bhairava Homam is ideal for:

  • People who are  facing debts 
  • People who are not able to manage their time effectively
  • People who are facing cramming in their life 
  • People who are facing difficulty in multi tasking


Kala Bhairava Homam Procedure:

  • Ganapathi pooja
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Maha Sankalpam
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Navagraha Pooja 
  • Kala Bhairava Homam
  • Poornahuti
  • Mangala Arti 
  • Ashirvachanam
  • Prasada viniyogam


About Kala Bhairava

Lord Bhairava is also known as "Kshetrapalaka" - the guardian of the temple. The keys to Shiva and Shakti temples are ceremonially submitted to Bhairava at closing time and received from him at the opening time in the morning. There is generally a shrine dedicated to him in the temple premise itself. He is also a guardian of the travellers and blesses those who visit on pilgrimage. The Siddhas state that before embarking on a journey, especially while travelling at night, one must light diyas (lamps) and garland Lord Bhairava with cashew nut wreaths. This assures protection and safety. For those abroad away from the blessed shores, the worship is equally important.

Kala Bhairava has 8 manifestations, namely Asithaanga Bhairava, Ruru Bhairava, Chanda Bhairava, Krodha Bhairava, Unmattha Bhairava, Kapaala Bhairava, Bheeshana Bhairava and Samhaara Bhairava. He also guards the 52 Shaktipeethas and hence there are said to be 52 forms of Bhairava across the sacred spots. Protecting Shakti is significant for everlasting peace amidst the scenarios of wrath, violence and animosity. Prayers to Lord Kala Bhairava as well as Sarabeswara and  Mrithyunjaya are necessary for this safeguarding.


The Homam to be performed depends on the type of problems & the individual’s Birth Chart, usually a Pandit is consulted for advice on the type of homams that are to be conducted. If you have any doubts please send us a mail to info@anarghyaa.com. A detailed analysis of your Horoscope chart can be done by our Pandits would suggest you the most suitable remedies or if to conduct special poojas or homams for specific problems, that would help you over come your problems and to obtain evident good results

The main objective of performing the Homams is to enrich positive energy of the ruling planets and to nullify the negative elements shown in the birth chart. It is also a form of remedial measure which has been followed from the ancient times. Homams and poojas are performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni – the God of fire. It is said that when Lord Brahma (the creator among the Trinity) created man, he also created “Homam” for man’s livelihood and his attainment of spiritual desires.