Jade Mala

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Jade Mala for japams. Jade is known as a Stone of Protection. You may wear this mala or use it to count recitations of quantum sound frequencies.

Jade is especially revered in Asian cultures and is considered an excellent or lucky gift to give others

Significance of Jade:

  • Jade provides a barrier against attacks and illness.
  • Jade balances male/female energies and encourages travel for personal growth as well as helps in making the dream process productive and healing.
  • An all encompassing stone for health, prosperity and longevity. 
  • Associated with the Heart energy, it is said to have a special positive effect on illnesses of organs around the heart such as lungs, liver and even kidneys. 
  • It encourages tranquility while promoting wisdom and clarity. As a result, it is a popular stone for keeping worries at bay. 


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