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Gho Puja means worshipping Goddess Kamadhenu. Puranas say that Mother Kamadhenu ("Gho Matha") emanated from the milky ocean while the Devas and Asuras were churning the ocean and she was taken into possession by Devas. As Kamadhenu fulfilled the wishes of all, the Devas flourished with her divine grace.

Worshipping Goddess Kamadhenu on Fridays and Goddess Lakshmi will bless you with Abundance. In India, cows have been treated as sacred and as a personification of Goddess Kamadhenu. Vedas say that Goddess Kamadhenu is a cosmos where all the Gods, Goddess, Devas including the Trinity (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma along with their Consorts) reside. It is also stated in the myths that offering prayers to Goddess Kamadhenu is equivalent to worshipping our ancestors and hence it is considered to be auspicious to feed the cows on a New Moon Day. The cow is worshipped every day and has a very major significance in family rituals. 

Once Kamadhenu left the Devas and reached the Ashram of Sage Vasishta. The Brahma Rishi started Kamadhenu Puja (worshipping of the sacred cow). Legend goes that King Dileepa was blessed with a child with the divine grace of Kamadhenu and he performed Kamadhenu Puja as per the instructions of the Brahma Rishi. It is said that Vasishtar was an inspiration for all to understand the importance of "Gho Puja" and the benefits that could be accrued through this worship.

Performance of Lakshmi Homam along with Gho Puja is the most appropriate way of propitiating Goddess Lakshmi that too on a Friday that falls during the Tamil month of Thai (mid Jan to Mid Feb) is even more auspicious. To perform this Gho Pooja and Lakshmi Homam on a Friday is more auspicious because Venus rules Friday and the Overlord of Venus is Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on a Friday also helps you in gaining the blessings of Venus who bestows you with pleasures and comforts in life.

Importance of Worshiping Gho Matha

Gho Matha - The cow is very sacred because it is the amalgamation of all gods inside

  • Brahma and Vishnu reside at the base of horns
  • Lord Siva stays in forehead whereas Parvathi in the middle of forehead
  • Ganapathy reside in nose and tip is Murugan
  • Lord Yama stays in Heart
  • River Yamuna is the cow dunk
  • All other gods stays at tail base
  • Goddess Lakshmi resides at back of the cow
  • Rishis and saints stay in the hair of the cow

We will perform Gho Puja Every Friday on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam.

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Benefits of Doing Gho Puja

Performing Lakshmi Homam along with Gho Puja is right way to get desired results. Also performing Gho Puja along with Lakshmi Homam in fridays is auspicious because Venus rules friday, as Goddess Lakshmi is Venus doing these poojas in friday is really powerful bestows real comforts in life.

  • Help you overcoem Pitr or Pirtru Dosha or ancestor’s dosha (Pitru Dosha)
  • Help you overcome all business losses
  • Help you overcome your debts
  • Eliminate all enemies problems
  • Remove obstacles and bring happiness Advantage :

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