Gem Tree

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Gem Tree is made up of gemstone contemplates the most significant tool for healing in Feng Shui. A gemstone tree that holds the eminent value in Feng Shui is noticed in one type of gem nuggets. The specific gemstones used in a tree is predisposed to influence the surrounding aura and the color energies associated with it works in the direction prescribed to draw luck and abundance in life. 

This Feng Shui Gem tree is a holistic blend of 7 multicolor gemstones like quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, jade, carnelian, agate and jasper. The branches are made of golden wire which can be bent in any direction to bring happiness in life

According to Feng Shui, this Gem tree stimulates the chakras for a successful professional life, promotes restful sleep and shoo away bad dreams & nightmares


The actual product may vary in size and color compared to the image provided. The image is for reference purpose only.