Eeya Chombu - Tin Vessel

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Eeya Chombu is made of Velleeyam or tin metal. Eeya Chombu was an omnipresent vessel in every Tamil household. Rasam is especially prepared in this eeya chombu as it has various health benefits as well as it adds additional taste to the rasam.

Its compatible to Gas Stove Top 

It is also a tradition that the bride’s parents gift an Eeya Chombu vessel to the newly wed couple similar to Vengala Panai 

Benefits of Eeya Chombu / Tin Vessel

  • The cooking will be fast as the vessel will heated up quickly and the heat will be retained for long time 
  • It is used for preventing diabetes 
  • Tin is used in treating or cure bad breath, dental cavities, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, plaque and hair loss in modern science

Significance of Traditional Vessels 

Our Vedic Tradition gave immense importance to the metals that our cooking utensils are made. Some of the metals that were used to make traditional vessels are Copper, Bronze, Brass, Clay, Stoneware and Iron 

Each of the metals had their own significance and not all dishes were prepared using any of these metal vessels. Each of the dish was prepared in the metal vessels  which not only added taste but also enhanced medicinal properties int here own way. There was science behind the type of metal vessel that was used. 

Dos and Donts:

  • Don't keep empty this vessel directly on flame as it will melt. 
  • Always heat the vessel with liquid filled up to at least 1/3rd the height of the vessel.
  • Do not leave vessel unattended on the gas burner
  • Always keep the burner on Simmer mode – never use high flame Tin as a metal has low melting point.
  • Never use tongs or holders to lift the vessel when still hot – otherwise it will tend to deform.

Product Description:



Primary material



 750 ML capacity 

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1 Eeya Chombu - Tin Vessel



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