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Copper Panchapatra Udrani -  for doing daily rituals and offering pooja at home and at temples. Buy Copper Panchapatra Udrani from

Panchapatra and Udrani are Authentic Indian Traditional and Religious Accessory used during all kinds of Hindu rituals like Sandhyavandanam, Achmanam, Charanamitra, etc., during daily pujas, homams / havans etc at home and temples.  Panchapatra Udharini is used to distribute Pooja water, Abisheka Theertham, Sripaadha Theertham to devotees at temples, mutts and home.

Originally it was called Pancha Pathra (leaves in sanskrit) Paathram, meaning - the vessel to keep 5 leaves put in water before offering the pooja. The five leaves used for pooja are Tulasi, Arugu, Vembu, Vilvam & Vanni. These leaves are put in the Panchapatra - Panchapatram - Copper for offering pooja to the god and the water is distributed to people as prasadam. 

The Panchapatra - Panchapatram - Copper water is considered so auspicious and it is considered as medicine for many diseases. That is why in earlier days, for any disease, people believed that taking Panchapatram Theertham will be the remedy for their diseases.These are traditional items used in vedic temple worship for purification. The cup is used for sactified water. It is sanctified with a mantra that calls the sacred rivers to reside in the water. That water is used to purify the body and mind before meditation, reading of sacred books or puja.

Speciality of Copper: 

  • Copper water is considered so auspicious and it is considered as medicine for many diseases.
  • Copper helps in the utilization of sugar in the body.
  • Copper is an Brain Stimulant.


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