Copper Temple Gopura Kalasham

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Copper Kumba Kalasham/ Temple Gopura Kalasham also known as Gopura Kalash Kumbam, Gopura Kalasam / Kalash are mounted on the top most part of the temple gopuram. Kumbabhishekam is performed once in 12 years when gopura kalasham is placed.

Number and size of kalasams depends as per the agama vidhi or requirements. Even though kalasam can be made in many metals, copper kalsam is preferred because of better conductivity than others. Copper kalasham is like antennas. As antennas captures the magnetic waves and supports gadgets. Gopura kalasam captures the cosmic power and passes to the main deity of the temple. As per Agama Vidhi the Kalasham has to be changed every 12 years. Copper kalash are made in 12 portions and assembled over a tube. Normally inside the copper kalasam tube round wooden stick (Karunkali wood) is inserted, also yantra, panchaloha and navarathna are also placed inside and mounted on gopuram. For mounting copper kalasam either astabandhanam or cement is used.

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