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Copper Homam Set for your daily homam / havan rituals.  The Copper Homam Set Consists of 

1. Homa Kundam / Havan Kund is the center place in a Havan in which the fire is put and all the oblations / offerings are made. It could be considered like a sanctum sanctorum for Homam / Havan. The structure of the Homa Kundam / Havan Kund itself generates energy to perform the rituals.

2. Homam / Havan sticks for offering Ghee & Havan Samagri to fire while doing Homa. The pointed stick is for offering Ghee and the other one is for offering Havan samgari.

3. Yagna spoon for performing the yagna.This spoon can be used to offer oblations to the fire or to take out ash (vibhuti) from the yagna.

4. Panchpatra and Udrani is an integral part of Pujas where in the holy charan amrit is placed before the Puja and then distributed upon the Puja's completion. The Charanamrit literally means Amrit (Holy Nectar) from the Charan (Feet of the Lord) of the worshipped deity and is partaken as a sacred offering or a holy gift after the completion of the Puja. In many Hindu homes the cooked food is first offered to the Lord each day and is then consumed by everyone else. The offered food is mixed with the rest of the food and then served as prasad.

5. Udrani or Pali is used as a vital part of the Pujas. Panchpatra & Udrani / Pali are the Puja items

6. Puja Copper plate also Known as Tambalam or Taman is used for keeping puja items during puja. The puja items kept in a puja plate include  a small Kalash and Panchapatra filled with water. 

The Copper Puja thali has special significance for the festivals. Agarbatti, camphor, coconut, belpatra, betel leaves, sandalwood paste, candles, flowers, seasonal fruits and sweets (as Prasad) and silver or gold coins having image of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Om, Swastika or Shree are also kept in a thali.

7. Puja Copper Kalash is placed near the idols or pictures of the deity. It is placed facing the North, in the center. A kalasha is an important accompaniment in puja rituals, housewarming, wedding, while receiving important dignitaries, during festive occasions and as a welcome sign at the entrance of houses.

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