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Brass Panchapatra Udrani -  for doing daily rituals and offering pooja at home and at temples. Buy Brass Panchapatra Udrani from

Panchapatra and Udrani are Authentic Indian Traditional and Religious Accessory used during all kinds of Hindu rituals like Sandhyavandanam, Achmanam, Charanamitra, etc., during daily pujas, homams / havans etc at home and temples.  Panchapatra Udharini is used to distribute Pooja water, Abisheka Theertham, Sripaadha Theertham to devotees at temples, mutts and home.

A brass panchpatra and pali set (also called charan amrit set) is an integral part of poojas where in the holy charan amrit is placed before the pooja and then distributed upon the Pooja's completion.The Charanamrit literally means Amrit (Holy Nectar) from the Charan (Feet of the Lord) of the worshipped deity and is partaken as a sacred offering or a holy gift after the completion of the pooja.In many Hindu homes the cooked food is first offered to the Lord each day and is then consumed by everyone else. The offered food is mixed with the rest of the food and then served as prasad. It is also used to clean hands of the devotees during the puja.Few drops of water is taken in Pali and the hands are symbolically cleaned with it.Although you can prepare numerous kinds of Charanamrit but the most pure Charanamrit is traditionally considered to be a thoughtful mixture of the five essential elements - ghee (clarified butter), water (preferably water from the Ganga),curd,honey and tulsi leaves.This pious combination of the five primary elements is the Holy Charanamrit and is then offered from the Panchpatra & Pali Set to everyone in the home at the end of your daily worship or any other festive Pooja.

Originally it was called Pancha Pathra (leaves in sanskrit) Paathram, meaning - the vessel to keep 5 leaves put in water before offering the pooja. The five leaves used for pooja are Tulasi, Arugu, Vembu, Vilvam & Vanni. These leaves are put in the Panchapatram for offering pooja to the god and the water is distributed to people as prasadam.

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