Udupi Pancha Aarti Stand

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Udup[I Pancha Aarti Stand - Adorn your temples with this pooja room decoration light that is designed to accentuate the beauty and peaceful ambiance. It brings soothing vibes to your abode and raises the divine love around your space

This stunning pooja lamp for office has one big and deep diya that is in the center of the stand. This deepam lamp features five smaller diyas resembling the petals of a flower, surrounding the main diya that rests on a sturdy & decorative base.  Upgrade your pooja room to the next level with this deepam pooja lamp. Deepam signifies knowledge, deep intellectual and spiritual significance. This navratri aarti is used for temple functions

Lend your home a classic touch with one of these useful decorative pieces. Diya has been used since ancient times as a decoration and a source of light, this diya is an oil lamp that burns vegetable oil, ghee & Indian butter. Made of pure brass with five facea that holds camphor tablets. It has one deep face in that you can use the ghee or oil for lighting. This jyoti lamp is artistically designed to enhance decor of any pooja and your home mandir. This set features antique handle that allows easy movement of diya during aarti.

This puja camphor burner for pooja ritual is crafted in traditional panch aarti design. It is an essential element of traditional Hindu religious rituals & ceremonies. Add more elegance to your pooja mandir with this brass diya which bears an ample space to hold the oil and the camphor. It is used in Hindu temples for lighting and prayer purposes.

Commonly used during Indian festive occasions like Diwali and Navratri's. The lamp has been carefully hand engraved, giving it a unique texture along its outer rim. Because the lamp is made from solid brass, it has a warm golden glow that is simply breath-taking. It is used in decoration at festive times and to brighten up your house. This beautiful oil lamp can be used as a home decor item or it can also be gifted to your near and dear ones.




Primary material



Width: 7"; Length:8"

What is in the box?

1 Brass Pancha Aarti



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