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Black Thil | Sesame for puja purpose. 

Black Thil is used in rituals is due to the fact that it is considered the best remedy for Saturn and Rahu related ill effects. 

It is believed that Sesame was produced by the body part of Kashyap Rishi and hence all the grahas, devatas and pitrus become pleased when a person offers sesame to them. It is done through using it in holy bath, or by donating sesame seeds or oil and by using it it havan or lighting lamps of sesame oil

Shani and Ranu being the most feared planets by humans for their ability to do harm to the individual in a bad phase, are known to calm down with the use of sesame in puja as the planet Shani belongs to the Kashyapa clan and sesame is derived from Sage Kashyap. Hence people light the sesame oil lamps in homes and temples especially during Saturday after sunset to get the benefits of the worship

It is advised to light the lamp of sesame oil in the evening to reduce the ill effects of planets and get the blessings of favourable planets.


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