Agnihotra Kit

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Agnihotra Kit  - A complete kit for performing Agnihotra homa / havan.

Agnihotra is a Vedic yajna (ritual or sacrifice) performed in Hindu communities. The Agnihotra consists of making two offerings of brown rice (unpolished) into the fire exactly at, slightly before,or even after the time of sunset and sunrise, along with Vedic mantras that relate the fire and the sun to each other.

Product Description:

Product Kit Contains 
Agnihotra Copper Pot / Homa Kund
Copper Dish
Copper Spoon
Copper Fork
Cow Dung Cake Small: 3 pieces
Cow Pure Ghee: 50 grams
Gugal-Loban: 25 grams
Rice grains: 50 grams


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