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Shiva Yantra - Buy Energized Durga Yantra from Now! This yantra is energized by us with Moola Mantra of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva represents the cosmic energy of life. He governs death and dissolution. When you appease him, he blesses you with longevity, peace, good health and strength to fight against negative forces.

Significance of Shiva Yantra:

Shiva Yantra unearth the hidden power in you to come out of negativity. You can be unchained from all sorts of fear when this Yantra is by your side.

Shiva Yantra can dispel the influence of evil planets, fear of evil power, accidental death and diseases. When you are empowered with the divine energy of Lord Shiva, there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving victory. The power of the Yantra will provide you with happiness, harmony and high spirits into your life!


Benefits of Shiva Yantra:

  • Shiva yantra will provide you with fame, money and very good health.
  • Shiva Yantra removes all negativity from the birth chart.
  • This yantra will provide you with  prosperous, worriless life

Product Specifications Information:








Product Package will contain:

  • One Shiva Yantra
  • Mantras for energizing the yantra
  • Do's and Donts of handling the Yantra


  • The product image is for reference purpose only. The actual product may vary in color and appearance
  • The aksharas or inscription of the Yantra are in Sanskrit 
  • The Yantra color will change over a period of time which is natural