Panchaloha Vallabha Ganapathi Statue

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Panchaloha Vallabha Ganapathi Statue / Idol / Vigraham.  The ideal statue for your puja 

Vallabha Ganapathi is seated comfortably on padmapeeta having his consort seated on his lap. Lord Ganapathi is holding Neelothpala pushpa and various weapons. Sri Ganapathi having kumba on his trunk which is turned towards right-resembling Pranava mantram.

Buy this auspicious statue and seek the blessings of Lord Ganapathi 


As the name suggests Panchaloham standing Vallabha Ganapathi Statue  are made up of 5 metals.

Product Specifications Information:


Panchaloham - 5 metals 


Golden Size: 6"



Note: . 

  • For Shipment abroad, It requires Non-antique certificate from archeology department. whereby the department will hold the product for 30 days in their office. Then the idols will be dispatched through Indian Post. 
  • The actual color and size of the product may vary. The image is for indicative purpose only