Vallakottai Subramanya Swamy Murugan TempleÂ

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This temple is more than a thousand years old and it was constructed by King Bageerathan, who was the monarch of Sankondpuram. The temple has a main tower that comprises of five layers with a stupendous mandapamin the foreground. Vallakottai is a town near Chennai that is situated on the highway between Sriperumbudur and Singaperumalkoil.The Temple is very well known in Vallakottai. The Temple has been renovated lately. People from the different states of India pay homage to this temple during major festivals. This temple is easily accessible to the public, owing to the frequent bus facility that is available to the village from Tambaram and Sriperumbudur.Â


It is believed that the temple is approximately 1200 years old; The Subramaniya Swamy idol in this temple is known to be the tallest statue of Muruga in the country. Once upon a time, the place was home to a demon, by the name of Vallan. On learning of the deva's difficulty and injustice done to him at the Asura's hands, Muruga killed him to reinstate peace and harmony. He gave it the name, Vallankottai, according to the death wish of the Asura. Eventually, it came to be known as Vallakotai. The temple possesses a reservoir, which is called 'Vajra Theertham'. People believe that taking a bath in the reservoir, while reciting the holy chant 'Om Saravanabhava', would make all their worries vanish. The temple constructed by the emperor by the name of, Bagiradha, in appreciation of the God, Vallakkottai It is believed by the people of that region that the place derives its name from an ogre named Vallan, who intimidated the people who lived there many years ago. The people took shelter in Muruga and he killed Vallan. Because this place was ruled over by the assura, Vallan for a really long time, even today, it continues to be known by Valla Kottai, which refers to Vallan's fortress.Â


The shrine is believed to possess a variety of expensive items like gold, silver, utensils, rubies and ornaments that are worth more than lakhs of Indian rupees.Every Thursday, the idol of Subramaniyaswami is adorned with a garland made of diamonds.The occasion of Krittika is said to be a very important one and many devotees come here to worship the Creator each month, on this very day. A few major festivals that are celebrated here are the Skanda Shashti, Brahma Utsavam, and the festival that celebrates Subrahmanya's wedding to Valli. Here also, devotees are known to take Kavadis with them, to the temple and 'abhishekams' are carried out to the deity in the name of the followers. Bathing the deity in holy ashes, this is referred to by the name of 'Vibhuti Abhishekam' by the people, is a highlight of the event.Â


Thousands of devotees pay homage to this shrine annually, especially during the time of some important festivals. Also a number of poojas are carried out in the name of the devotees by the priests of the temple or by the devotees themselves, like koo poojas, as well as kalasandhi, , sayaratchai, among others.Â