Tirunageshwaram Oppiliappan Perumal Vishnu Temple

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Sri Oppiliappan Vishnu Temple-Tirunageshwaram,Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu

Tirunageshwaram Oppiliappan Perumal Vishnu Temple

Tirunageshwaram, Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu


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Sri Oppiliappan Perumal Vishnu Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is located at Thirunageswaram, situated in the Tanjore district. A famous tourist spot of Tamil Nadu this also is a religious spot. The temple is located at a distance of about 7 kilometers from Kumbakonam and is easily accessible via buses that ply at regular intervals.


There is not a very clear cut picture about the exact time period of when the temple was built or who exactly built it. However, there is a prominent legend behind the same. There once lived a Markandeya Maharishi who was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. He prayed to the Lord to bless him with a daughter. Deeply pleased with his devotion the Lord granted him the wish and one day the Maharishi found a small two year girl child playing under a Tulasi tree in the Thirunageswaram forest. The Maharishi thanked Lord Vishnu and brought her home. After a few years, Lord Vishnu came to his house in the form of an old Brahmin. He asked the hand of his daughter for marriage. However, the Maharishi explained to him that his daughter was too young for marriage. The Brahmin did not listen and was adamant about his decision. He even proclaimed to die if he was unable to marry the girl. The girl on the other hand also became very upset and started crying as a mark to avoid this marriage. Fixed at what to do, the Maharishi prayed to Lord Vishnu to show him a path. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lord Vishnu in his original form, holding the hands of his daughter. He was amazed at this and readily agreed to marry off his daughter. Since, that time Tirunageshwaram has been considered as a sacred spot.


The temple is considered to be very pious in terms of religious beliefs. Lord Vishnu is worshipped here along with Tulasi leaves. It is believed that married couples who worship the Lord are blessed with a prosperous family life. Chanting the Thulasivanam mantra is considered very sacred and devotees who flock to this place adhere to the chanting at least once, in order to get rid of all the evils.


A unique fact about the Sri OppiliappanPerumal Vishnu Temple is that the bhog here including the food and the Prasad, are served without salt. Hence, the name of the temple has been named Oppiliappan. Further, every morning the idol of Lord Vishnu is garlanded with Tulasi leaves which are considered very sacred. The same leaves are given away as Prasad to the devotees.


Sri Oppiliappan Perumal Vishnu Temple is home to various events and gatherings which are held all year round. Every Thursday special pujas are performed along with chanting hymns and praises of Lord Vishnu. Special days like Ekadashi are also observed here on a grand scale.