Tirukkarambanur/Uttamar Kovil

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Tirukkarambanur/Uttamar Kovil

Tirukkarambanur/Uttamar Kovil

Sri Purushotthaman Perumal Temple,Tollgate,Trichy, TamilNadu


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It is situated in Trichy, Tamil Nadu district. 8 Kms away from Trichy, 3 1/2 Kms from Sri Rangam, situated in the middle of Trichy €“ Sri Rangam small Railway station along the the Railway from Trichy to Vizhupuram Guard line.


The €˜Sapthaguru' or seven forms of Guru at this Temple have been aptly designated with a specific idol dedicated to each of of the form.


Lord Shiva €“ Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma who are collectively called as €œMum Murthy€ are said to found here in this temple Nagalinga Poo (flower), which is one of the famous and rare flower is found here and this is the special flower here to do poojas in these temples.