Sri Lokanatha Temple

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Sri Lokanatha Temple is situated in Tirukannankudi in Nagapattinam, TamilNadu. This temple is one of the 108 Divya desams of Lord Vishnu known as Krishnaranya Kshetram or Pancha Krishna Kshetram. 

Book online now to perform puja in Sri Lokanatha Temple - After completing the order send your Name, Gothram, Star and Date you want us to perform the puja. 

We will perform pujai on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam. Book online to perform Puja in Sri Lokanatha Temple, at and get the Prasadam to your doorstep.


Temple Legend:

Sage Vashista worshipped Lord Krishna with utmost devotion; he made a beautiful statue of Lord out of butter.  His devotion and love towards Lord was so intense therefore the idol of Lord Krishna made of butter remained so solid and strong. 

In order to test the devotion of Sage Vashista, one day Lord Krishna disguised in the form of a mischievous child and gulped down the statue made of butter.  Sage Vashista was baffled and began to chase the child who was dashed out of his sight swiftly moved to this sacred land Thirukkannankudi which was one of the sacrosanct and tranquil places where Rishis and Sages worshipped Lord.  At once, they realized the presence of Lord in the Magizham tree positioned here. They earnestly prayed to Lord to remain in this holy land forever, Lord Lokanatha fulfilled the wishes of Sages and decided to reside on this sacred place.  Finally, this playful sweet little child settled in Thirukkannankudi permanently.  Soon, Sage Vashista who was chasing the child realized that the mischievous little one was none other than Lord himself.    


Temple Timings:

  • Morning 06.00 AM – 12.00 PM
  • Evening: 05.00 PM – 8.00 PM 



  • The Price of the Puja includes service charges, prasad, packing and courier cost and any other incidental charges
  • We are not agent of any temple, our representative will perform the puja on your behalf and collect the prasadam.
  • You will receive the prasadam between 15 - 30 days
  • Prasadam will not have any kind of food items
  • Prasadam normally consists of Kumkum or Vibuthi or Turmeric or Sandal Paste or Akshatha