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Tiruchengode Temple - Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar / Arthanareeswarar Temple is situated in Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The red shade of the mountain is the purpose that it was known as Chengode.

The temple is more than 2000 years old. There are also deity of Muruga as Lord Sengottuvelavar and  Lord Vishnu as Adhikesava Perumal in separate shrines as presiding deities.

Book online now to perform puja in Tiruchengode Temple - After completing the order send your Name, Gothram, Star and Date you want us to perform the puja. 

We will perform pujai on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam. Book online to perform Puja in Tiruchengode Temple, at Anarghyaa.com and get the Prasadam to your doorstep.  

Who can offer Puja to Vedaranyeshwar Vedaranyam Temple:

  • Couples who are facing problems marital life
  • Couples who want to enhance their relationship
  • Couples separated for some reason or other pray here for re-union.
  • Couples who are wanting child boon
  • People who are facing nagadosham

Significance of the Temple:

Lord Arthanareeswarar has a unique form here, which combines half male and half female form. The lord is also known as Ammayappan. It is claimed that this rare posture of the Lord as prime deity can be found only in this temple. The left side of idol is Parvathi, and right side is Shiva.

There is a spring under the feet of Lord Arthanareeswara, which never dries. Devotees believe that the water from this spring is special holy divine water (known as Deva theertham). It is also believed that, this holy water can cure any disease if consumed for one mandala (48 days continously). The priest who is doing pooja serves this holy water to the devotees as Prasadham.

Many individuals who have Naga dosham provide abishehams to Adhiseshan with kumkum and turmeric extract. It is usually regarded that they are endowed with marriage.

On the way to shrine, the 60th step of the temple is regarded as the step of  truth that is sathiyapadi. In Olden days this 60th step were used by the people to solve, unsolvable cases and to know the truth. The respective men are told to promise their statements on the 60th step and it is belived that the people will only say the truth while standing on the 60th step. It is said that even the Supreme Court at chennai has accepted the statements that were declared by the people, staneding on the 60th step.

Temple Legend:

Once Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Indra and sage Birungi went to Kailash to worship Lord Shiva. They were directed towards Lord Shiva by his Vahana, Nandhi. Everyone first had a darshan of Lord Parvathi and then proceeded to Lord Shiva. But, Sage Birungi directly marched to Lord Shiva. Parvathi Devi, annoyed by his act, sucked the flesh from the Sage's body to stop him proceeding, but the sage forwarded. Lord Shiva recognized this drama of Parvathi and blessed Birungi with a third leg.

After the departure of the Sage, Goddess Parvathi appeased Lord Shiva about her penance. After Lord Shiva's approval, Parvathi Devi went to a hilltop and performed the penance. As a result of this penance, she demanded a will for getting a portion for her in Lord Shiva's sacred body thus granting the devotees for an integrated worship, which was granted by Lord Shiva. This led to the manifestation of half men and half women depiction Arthanaareswarar. Thus Lord Parvathi took up the left side and rest right by Lord Shiva. This signifies the creation of this manifestation.

Temple Festivals and important Events:

  • Chitra Paurnami
  • Visaga Ther - Thiruvizha
  • Nataraja Thirumanjanam
  • Vinayaka Chaturthi
  • Karthikai Deepam
  • Aarudra Darisanam
  • Padithiruvizha
  • Masimagam Vizha
  • Sivarathriri
  • Uthira Vizha

Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 06.00 AM – 11.30 AM
  • Evening: 04.30 PM – 8.30 PM


  • The Price of the Puja includes service charges, prasad, packing and courier cost and any other incidental charges
  • We are not agent of any temple, our representative will perform the puja on your behalf and collect the prasadam.
  • You will receive the prasadam between 15 - 30 days 
  • Prasadam will not have any kind of food items
  • Prasadam normally consists of Kumkum or Vibuthi or Turmeric or Sandal Paste or Akshatha