Tillai Mariammam Kaliammam Temple

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Tillai Mariammam Kaliammam Temple-Chidambaram, TamilNadu

Tillai Mariammam Kaliammam Temple

Chidambaram, TamilNadu


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DeviBrahmmaChamundeeswari is also praised as Thillai Amman. She is facing west in a standing posture. Daily pujas and abishek are followed in the temple. Thillai Kali is furious in appearance facing east.


A debate arose between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi as to who was more powerful among them. Shiva claimed he was. But Shakti was too voracious in her defence on the debate to establish Her claim. Angry Shiva cursed Her to become an Ugrakali. Realizing Her haste and violent argument, Shakti begged Shiva for a remedy and was granted by Shiva the boon to take birth in Thillai and do penance on him.


DeviThillai Kali appears with four faces as Lord Brahmma. DeviSaraswathi as VeenaVidyambika and Lord Dakshinamurthi in female form praised as KadambavanaDakshinaRupini grace the devotees from their shrines in the prakara.