Thuluvannur Mahavishnu Temple

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Thuluvannur Mahavishnu Temple

Thuluvannur Mahavishnu Temple

Thuluvannur,Payyanur,Kannur, Kerala

: KL13/1048)

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Thuluvannur was single essential Tulu Gramamduring historical Kerala. SreeMahavishnu shrine was the Kshethra forThuluvannurfurthermore Master Mahavishnu was recognized as Thuluvannurappan. The shrine which was remodeled few years ago was in a condition of secret, showed up to be concealing a heavenly existence. Once Thuluvannur was the southeast boundary of 'Thulunadu' and was a conventional example for the Kerala - Thulu lifestyle.


A devotee and tree lover came there one day with a banyan shrub hardwood looking around for a appropriate position to place it. At last he chosen a position which normally one would think twice to select as it was very near a grape shrub and near to the advantage of a footpath. He dug the position for getting a pit when the scoop trapped a rock. As the rock was eliminated, a nearby rock was discovered, both developing aspect of a round row of rocks - the advantage of a well! With this finding, individuals started cleaning the well and by the dark, as the brilliant conch seemed at dark, a large idol was discovered from the well. It was an idol of excellent elegance - a chathurbahu idol of Master Mahavishnu!The retrieved historical idol was set up in the short-term shrine. Further Prasna exposure said that as the idol was in a partially damaged situation, its religious energy should be removed and moved to a new idol which should be lastly set up in a new shrine. Thus all the questions were eliminated as if by a amazing heavenly development. Gradually a new temple was designed with the passionate community contribution. The set up of the power- moved new idol in the new sanctum sanctorum took position on the excellent day of Apr 15, 1986 (Medam 2). Everyone who comes to the peaceful position encounters the heavenly element pervading the whole environment. Nowadays it is a pilgrim center. Transcending the filter restrictions of caste, creed and religious beliefs all discover comfort in the brilliant religious environment of the all-pervading Master.


It is considered that the shrine was designed in the Chozha program hundreds of years by the SeevolliNamboothiris (Thuludesa Brahmins) who were powerful Vaishnavites.The Four Equipped (Chaturbahu) Idol of Master Mahavishnu is the primary prathishta in this temple. The Sudarshana Chakra in the side of the Master idol can be discovered as if it is prepared to use. Thus, this prathishta is different from that of other MahavishnuWats or temples with this unique attribute of the idol


The new creation had no concept of its record, yet they were conscious of its sanctity. It was the customized of the conventional theyyam performers to go there and compliment the Master before they conducted their art. They used to compliment Master Mahavishnu of Thuluvannur Temple; but until modern periods nobody realized where that shrine was, as there was no such shrine noticeable at all at Thuluvannur! Nowadays individuals from various locations check out this lately remodeled sacred shrine to compliment SreeThuluvannurappan (Master Mahavishnu) for their well being.The essential providing in this temple is Vishnu Pooja many enthusiasts from far and near check out the temple to provide Vishnu Pooja to Thuluvannurappan for 'Santhanalabdhi' and 'AbheeshtaSidhi'.