Thiruvannakka Jambukeshwarar Temple

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Thiruvannakka Jambukeshwarar Temple is one of the most the most revered temples to Shiva situated in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The primordial element water, is represented by an undying natural spring in the sanctum. The saptastanams of this temple are Tiruchendurai, Tirupparaitturai, Tiruppainneeli, Tiruppaachilasramam, Tiruvedikkudi and Tiruvalaindurai.

Significance of Thiruvannakka Jambukeshwarar Temple:

There is said to have been a forest of Jambu trees near the Chandrateertha tank (filled with the water of the Kaveri) here and Shiva is said to have appeared under one of the trees as a Shiva Lingam. The shiva here is swayamboo moorhty

The stala vriksham is said to have grown out of a munivar, who offered his worship to Shiva. Akhilandeswari (Parvati) is said to have meditated upon Shiva here, and her shrine here, is considered to be of great significance.

It is believed that Akhilandeswari was originally an Ugra Devata of great fury, and Adi Sankaracharyar is said to have converted the fiery energy of the deity into a manifestation of peace. Shrines to Vinayaka and Subramanya face Akhilandeswari. Adi Sankara is said to have visited the Akhilandeswari shrine. He is said to have adorned her with ear-rings bearing the symbol of the chakram. There is a shrine to Adi Sankara in this temple. This is also one of the Shakthi Peetams of the Divine Mother 

Thiruvannakka Jambukeshwarar Temple Architecture:

This is a vast temple (18 acres) with lofty gopurams, 5 prakarams and ornate mandapams. The second and third prakarams date back to the 13th century. The dwajasthampa mandapam has grand sculptural work. There is an image of Ekapada Trimurthy representing the unity of Bhrama Vishnu and Shiva in this temple.

The Akhilandeswari shrine is located in the fourth prakaram. The Eastern tower with seven levels has fine sculptural specimen of musical scenes, while the Western tower has nine levels. The first prakaram has been renovated in this century.

Thiruvannakka Jambukeshwarar Temple Festivals:

  • Pankuni Bhrammotsavam
  • Vasanta Utsavam
  • the float festival in Thai (Capricorn)
  • Aadi Pooram (Cancer)
  • Pancha Prakara festival

Temple Timings:

5.30 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 8.30 PM


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