Thirunallar Shani Temple

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Thirunallar Shani Temple  also known as Darbaranyeswara Temple is the most famous temple dedicated to Lord Saneeswaran.

The Main Deity of the temple is the shrine of Swayambu Lingam of Lord Dharparanyeswarar. The belief is that the Lingam manifested at Thirunallar temple so that Lord Brahma could offer his worship. The Ambal or Goddess in this temple is known as Bogamartha Poonmulayal. Lord Saneeswara Bhagawan is the main glory of this temple. The sannidhi is situated in front of Ambal Sannishi and the idol faces east. This is unusual as most Saturn idols face south.

Significance of Thirunallar Shani Temple:

Legend has it that under the malefic influence of Saturn, King Nala undergoes untold hardships. He loses his Kingdom, is separated from his wife, is transformed into an ugly dwarf and lives a life of penury.

King Nala then offers prayers to Lord Saneeswara at Thirunallar Temple and takes a bath in Nala theertham (the temple pond). Finally, Lord Saneeswara is appeased and King Nala regains his kingdom, wife, and happiness.

Since that time millions of devotees from every nook and corner of our country visit this temple to get relief from hardships inflicted by Lord Saturn.

Thiru' is the holy suffix for the place. Nala signifies 'King Nala' and Aru means 'Heal'. This was the place where King Nala was healed by Lord Shiva and saved from the harmful effects of Lord Saturn.

Significance of Lord Shani:

During periods of Saturn transit (Shani Peyarchi) people cannot escape the karmic debts they have to repay and they face hardships during the ezharae shani (sade-sati) periods, ashtama shani periods, shani dasa and other times of Saturn transit.

Performing Pujas and Homams will reduce the effect / elemininate of all kinds of shani doshas


Ancient legend mention 13 temple tanks that used to surround the temple. Today we can still find 6 of them. They are:

  • Nala Teertham - The Nala Theertham is the most significant amongst these and is situated in the North West part of the temple. Legend has it that King Nala bathed in this Holy Tank and got rid of the adverse effects of Lord Shani.Even today it is the belief that those who take bath in this Theertham can wash off their sins and inflictions.
  • Bramha Teertham
  • Saraswati Teertham
  • Agasthiar Teertham
  • Hamsa Teertham
  • Vani Theertham

Sthala Vriksham (Holy Tree)

The Durba grass (Kusa Grass) is the sthala vriksha. Darba is considered scared in Hinduism and used for performing pujas even today.

Temple Timings:

6 AM to 12.30 PM and 4 PM to 8.30 PM

Know more about Shani Peyarchi - Saturn Transit and its significance . 


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