Thilatharpanapuri Temple

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Thilatharpanapuri Temple is “parihara sthalam” for conducting ancestral rites similar to that performed it in Rameswaram.

The historical names of this place are Thilathai Pathi and Thilatharpanapuri. However, now it is known as Sethalapathy. The historical name of the temple is Madhimutha

Lord Vinayaka can be seen in a separate shrine near the entrance of the temple. This Vinayakar has a human face. This is a rare form of Lord Vinayakar and is also popularly known as “Aadhi Vinakayar”.

Significance of Thilatharpanapuri Temple:

Lord Ram and Lakshmana are believed to have learnt about the news of their father King Dasaratha’s demise here. They performed the “Thila Tharpanam” for their father here. “Thilam” means gingili seeds and “Tharpanam” means performing rites in Tamil. “Thila Tharpanam” is a ceremony that is offered to departed ancestors by male descendants. It is also believed that Lord Ram performed this rites for his affectionate bird “Jatayu” (Jatayu is the king of vultures) here.

The legend is that when Lord Ram performed “Thila Tharpanam”, he kept four rice balls (Pindam) which later became the four lingams. Lord Ram’s idol is quite unique – he can be seen sitting on his right leg and performing the rites. Since the lord is believed to have been given salvation to Lord Ram’s father here, the lord is praised as Sri Muktheeswarar (“Mukthi” means salvation in Tamil). This is the reason why this place also gets the name “Thila Tharpana Puri”, which was later changed to Sethalapathy.

  • There are 7 places that are considered to be very auspicious for performing rituals for deceased ancestors. They are Banaras, Gaya, Rameswaram, Srivanchiam, Thiruvenkadu, Thilatharpanapuri (Sethalapathy) and the Thiriveni Sangam at Allahabad.
  • It is believed that both Lord Suryan and Lord Chandran worshiped the lord here simultaneously. Hence all days are considered here as “new moon day” (Amavasya). In this temple, their idols are also kept together.
  • It is believed that for conducting the ritual ceremony in this place, there is no need to see the date and time, any date is considered auspicious.

Thilatharpanapuri Temple Festival:

  • Shivrathri in the Tamil month of Masi (Feb-Mar),
  • Vinayakar Chaturthi in the Tamil month of Aavani (Aug-Sept),
  • Thiru Karthikai in the Tamil month of Karthikai (Nov-Dec).
  • Pradosham is also observed regularly.
  • Special poojas are also performed on new moon days.
Thilatharpanapuri Temple Timings:

7.00 AM to 12.00 Noon and 04.00 PM to 08.00 PM.


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