Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple

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Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple is situated in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. The main deity is Lord Shiva known as Vanchinathaswamy with his consort Goddess Mangalambika.

Srivanchiyam is one of the 6 pitru dosha nivarana sthalam equivalent to Kasi. The other places are Rameswaram, Thiruvengadu,  Gaya, Thiriveni Sangamam, Thilatharpanapuri 


Significance of Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple:

  • Vanchinathaswamy is a swaymabu lingam and is more than 2000 years old. The lingam is believed to be the oldest among swayambu lingams in the world. 
  • There is a separate shrine here for Yama Dharmaraja. He is given preference in daily worship. Legend has it that, Yama Dharmaraja was worried and felt overwhelmed with all the sins accumulated in the course of performing his duty. He wanted a solution for this.  As per the advice of Brahma, Yama went to a place by the banks of the Cauvery, where he could find Gandharanyam (Sandal Forest), and propiate to Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva was pleased with his devotion and instucted Yama to have a temple built Him at here.
  • Usually Vinayaka is the first deity to be worshiped in all Shiva temples, but here at Srivanchiyam, Yama is worshiped even before prayers are offered to Vinayaka.
  • The Holy theerhtam here is Gupta Ganga. It is believed that one who take a dip here will overcome all the sins and attain salvation 

Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple Temple Temple Timings:

Morning 5.30 AM  to 12.00 PM

Evening: 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM


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