Singarayakonda Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Hanuman Temple

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Singarayakonda Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Hanuman Temple

Singarayakonda Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Hanuman Temple

Singarayakonda,Ongole, AndhraPradesh


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This shrine of Lord Anjaneya Swamy can be found in the small village of Singarayakonda, which is cited in the district of Ongole which is found in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This shrine is built in honour of Lord Hanuman, who is also referred to by the name Anjaneya Swamy, by his devotees.


There is a rather unique story that is associated with the name of this shrine and why it is referred to what is called now. People who have been living in the village since many many years are of the belief that once there was a gigantic mound of ragi, rice , people were amazed to find out that it had transformed into a stone, and because of this reason, the shrine is referred to by the name Raggigudda. Also during this time, the Gods who are also referred to as the holy trinity- namely Brahma, Mahesh and Vishnu arrived at in this area, and they made up their minds and wanted to reside there permanently, in order to do that, they transformed themselves into three beams or columns which were made out of stone. The shrine was constructed in the year 1969, after which it was recorded in the year 1972; it sprawls across a massive area of land which is a whooping five acres.


Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya as he is referred to by his devotees is a Hindu God who is synonymous with the personification of bhakti. He always stood by Lord Rama, he served as his friend and also helped him to fight Ravana, when he had kidnapped Mother Sita and taken her to Lanka. Lord Hanuman is very popular, and he is worshipped by not only those who live in the villages of India, but even those who live in the cities worship him and pray to him. His devotees pray to him and believe that he will fulfil all their wishes. He is said to provide them with all their requirements, he blesses them with a healthy life, lots of money, contentment, success in the fields of education as well as in their professional life, and thus he fulfils all their needs and wants.


This shrine is believed to be rather active on the religious front, there are a number of religious ceremonies like different types of poojas, as well as abhishekams that are carried out by the priests and the devotees on a daily basis as well as during the time of festivals, like during the festival of Hanuman jayanti, this celebration extends to twelve days, moreover, the followers who come to this shrine to participate in the festivities are served Prasad every day, during the twelve days of the festivals. Also, the shrine witnesses a large number of devotees- more than three thousand five hundred of them, who come from different parts of the world and from the different states of India to join in, in the temple festivities.