Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Temple

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Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Temple is situated in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. Lord Anjaneya / Hanuman is seated in Yoga posture. He is Yoga Moorthi and also the Moorthi who established Ahimsa Dharma.

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Significance of the Temple:

Lord Anjaneya is facing west - facing Lord Yoga Narasimha in the other hillock. Anjaneya has four hands - Chaturbuja roopa. He holds the Shanka / Sangu [conch] and the Chakra [wheel -Sudershana] said to have been given by Lord Yoga Narasimha himself; also holds a 'Jap Mala' and a 'Jap Sanka'.

Through the hole in the wall opposite to the Yoga Anjaneys’s sannidhi, one can see the temple Gopuram of Lord Yoga Narasimha. The temple tank - Pushkarani is known as Hanumantha Thirtham.

Lord Yoga Anjaneya is believed to cure persons who are mentally ill when offered puja and prayer at this temple.  

Temple Legend:

Madurai was then ruled by King called Indirathuman and he was fond of hunting. One day he chased a deer till the deer entered the forest in Sozhasingapuram. When the deer reached the hillock where presently Yoga Anjaneya’s temple is situated, it turned into a Jothiswaroop and vanished. On seeing this wonder the King prostrated before the Jyothi and then and there took the path of Ahimsa. With Ahimsa as his weapon he could bring down the evil force - Kumbotharan - and brought peace to the people of Sozhasingapuram. It is said that as per the wish of Lord Yoga Narasimha, Lord Anjaneya appeared in the form of Jothi with a view to taking King Indrathuman to the path of Ahimsa


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