Saligrama Shree Guru Narasimha Temple

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Saligrama Shree Guru Narasimha Temple is situated in Saligrama, Udupi - Coastal Karnataka. Located opposite the Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Saligrama, this tiny temple dedicated Lord Shree Guru Narasimhais a popular place of worship in the region. The deity is also called as Sri Yogananda Narasimha

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Significance of the Temple:

Lord Narasimha idol is facing west and has its right hand holding chakra(disc) and its left hand holding shanka (conch). 

Devotees will acheive all their desires by worshipping Saligrama Narasimha idol. Taking holy dip in Chakra Theertha rids one of all diseases and fear of enemy. Holy dip in Shanka Theerta clenses one from all the sins. One who takes holy dip in both the theerthas and worships Narasimha will attain prosperity. 

Temple Legend:

Pushkara Khanda chapter of Padma purana has details of this temple. Suta Puranika narrated this mahatme.  The land mass given by Samudra Raja on the request of Parashurama ranging from the current Gokarna on the North to Kanyakumari on the south is called Parashurama Kshetra. This place has many important Thirta Kshetras and Thirta Sarovaras. Narada Muni visited the place between Seetha river and Kumbha Kashi kshetra where many Koota Muni Pungavas where meditating, after taking holy dip in different theerta sarovaras and meditating at thirta kshetras. During this time Earth shook and there was a thunderous sound. There was heavy winds and the freightned Munis came to Narada and requested for protection. They heard a Divya Vani that preached about Lord Narasimha. The Divya Vani informed that an idol of Lord Narasimha, holding Shanka and Chakra in both hands and seated in Yogananda Posture that is worshiped by Brahma and Rudra is sitated between Shanka and Chakra thirta in middle of a Ashwatta (people) tree. This will be installed by Narada Muni. Narada agreed that he had realized the same during his meditation. They searched and found the statue of Lord Narasimha and prayed to him. Narada then installed the statue of Lord Narasimha in between Shanka and Chakra Theertha. On Narada's prayer Lord Narasimha appeared and as per his request agreed to be there in the location permanently. This place in the middle of Koota Kshetra, where Lord Narasimha resides in Saligrama idol is called Saligrama.

Temple Festival:

  • Sriman Maha Rathotsava in the month of January
  • Pushparathotsava for every month sankramana
  • Sri Narasimha Jayanthi
  • Samhitabhiseka
  • Maha Rangapooje 
  • Laksha Deepotsava in the month of November


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