Rahu Graha Temple

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Rahu Graha Temple / Rahu Sthalam is famously known as Naganathar Temple, situated in Tirunageswaram near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu . 

Significance of Rahu Graha Temple: 

  • The ablution of the image of Rahu during Rahukaalam with milk turning to blue colour in this temple is considered to be a miracle

Many serpents, including AdisheshaTakshaka and Karkotaka, worshipped Shiva at this place, leading to the name "Tirunageswaram". As per Hindu legend, the king of snakes, Adisesha did penance at this place, called Senbaranya Kshetram on account of the presence of large number of Senbaga trees. Shiva was pleased by the penance and appeared to him. Since Shiva gave a boon to the king of Serpents, he is called Naganathar.

There is a local belief that the worship during morning, afternoon and evening needs to be performed at the three Nageswaran temples namely Naganathar Temple, Tirunageswaram and Thirupampuram respectively

Rahu Graha Temple Temple Timings:

Morning 5.30 AM  to 12.00 PM

Evening: 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM


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