Ballaleshwar Ganesh Temple

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Ballaleshwar Ganesh Temple is situated in Pali, Raigad district Tamil Nadu. This temple has a glorious history and huge religious significance. This temple is one of the Ashtavinayaka Temples and the third temple to be visited in the Ashtavinayaka Darshan Yatra / Pilgrimage.

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Significance of the Temple:

Lord Ganesh deity is on a stone throne, facing east with its trunk turned left and sitting against a background of silver which displays Siddhi and Riddhi-  waving chamaras. The murti's eyes and naval is studded with diamonds.

Temple Legend:

The legend that follows the inception of the temple is that once in this village lived a couple Kalyan and Indumati who had a son named Ballal. The son was an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha. Once he was playing with his friends and used stones for Lord Ganesha idols to play Pooja. The kids got so involved in the worship that they forgot everything else and did not even return home. The worried parents went to Kalyan to complain about Ballal and angry Kalyan took a stick and went to look for Ballal. When he found Ballal, he hit him tied him to a tree taunting him to see if Lord Ganesha comes to his rescue. Lord Ganesha touched with the worship of the small boy came to help him disguised as a sage. But Ballal recognized him and worshipped him, pleased the Lord decided to grant him a wish in which he asked the Lord to stay at this place and bless everyone. Upon this, the Lord promised the kid that he will manifest there and also will put Ballal's name before his. Hence this place was known as Ballal- the boy and Eshwar- God. 

Temple Festivals:

  • Ganesh Chathurti
  • Bhadrapad Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami (Bhadrapadi Utsav)
  • Magh Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami (Maghi Utsav)

Temple Timings:

  • 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM


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