Nava Kailasam Temples

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Nava Kailasam Temples  refers to nine individual ancient temples of Lord Shiva in Tuticorin and Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. These nine Siva temples are located uniquely on the river bed of Thamirabarani river.

This temple is also considered as Navagraha Temples

Significance of Nava Kailasam Temples:

Sage Agasthiyar was doing penance in the podhikai hills. One of his prime disciples was Sage Urmacha. He prayed Lord Pashupathi to get liberation. The Lord wanted to bless this to him through his Guru Agasthiyar. Agasthiyar put nine flowers in the river and asked uromacha munivar to install a shiva lingam as kailashanathar, wherever the flowers dock on the bank and finally bathe and worship the Lord in the place where the river joins the ocean, by doing so he would get what he wished. Adhering to his guru's words, teh sage worshipped the Stain-thraoted Lord in the nine places where the nine flowers stopped in the form of shiva lingam and finally bathed in the place where thamiraparani joined the ocean and got liberated. These nine abodes are called Nava Kailasam or Nava Kayilayam

The Nava Kailasam Temples are as follows:

S.No Location Temple Planet
1 Papanaasam Arulmigu Papanasa Nathar Temple Suriyan / Sun God
2 Cheran Mahadevi Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Chandran / Planet Moon
3 Kodaganallur Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Sevvai / Chevvai / Planet Mars
4 Kunnathur Arulmigu Kotha Parameswarar Temple Rahu
5 Murappanadu Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Guru  / Planet Jupiter
6 Thiruvaikundam Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Sani /  Planet Saturn
7 Thenthirupperai Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Buthan /  Planet Mercury
8 Raajapathy Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Kethu
9 Saendha Poomangalam Arulmigu Kailasa Nathar Temple Sukran / Planet Venus


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