Kumbakonam Sarangapaani Perumal Temple

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Kumbakonam Sarangapaani Perumal Temple is situated in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu enshrined as Sarangapani with his consort Goddess Lakshmi as Komalavalli. This temple is one of the 108 Divyadesam Temples. The Temple follows Vadakalai Tradition. 

Historically the place is known as Tirukkudanthai hence the temple is also known as Tirukkudanthai Sri Sarangapaani Perumal Temple

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Significance of the Temple:

The Main deity or the Moolavar of this temple Sri Sarangapani. is also known as Aara Amudhan, Abayaryaapthamiruthan and Utthanasayi. Moolavar is in Udhyoga sayana posture i.e he appears as though is getting up from sleeping position.

Temple Legend:

Once sage Bhrigu wanted to meet Vishnu at his residence, Ocean of Milk. The sage did not get the attention of Vishnu and in his anger, he kicked Vishnu on his chest. Mahalakshmi who resides in Vishnu's chest got angered as Vishnu did not show his anger towards the sage. She left Vaikunta and reached earth and took the form of Padmavathy. Vishnu followed her and married her. Padmavathy got her memories and was still angry with Vishnu. To avoid her anger, Vishnu resided in the underground chamber in the temple as Pathala Srinivasa. In the meanwhile, the sage Bhrigu sought his apology and requested Mahalakshmi to be born to him as Komalavalli in his next birth. The sage was born as Hemarishi and performed penance to attain Mahalakshmi as his daughter. Lakshmi emerged from the Potramarai tank among thousand lotuses and was thus named Komalavalli (the one who emerged from lotus). Vishnu descended to earth as Aravamudhan from his abode Vaikuntam. He convinced Lakshmi to marry him and the couple eventually got married. The name Sarangapani ("one who has the bow in his hand") derives from the Sanskrit word Sarangam meaning bow of Vishnu and pani meaning hand.

Temple Festivals and Events:

  • Chithirai Utsavam in April-May
  • Thai Sankaraman Utsavam in January-February
  • Vaikasi Vasantha Utsavam in May-June
  • Masi float festival in February-March,
  • Vaikunda Ekadasi in Margazhi -December-January

Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 7.00 AM -  12.00 PM
  • Evening: 5.00 PM -  9.00 PM


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  • You will receive the prasadam between 15 - 30 days