Sri Magudeshwarar Temple

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Sri Magudeshwarar Temple is situated in Kodumudi, Erode District, Tamil Nadu and on the banks of the river Kaveri.. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva known as Magudeshwarar with his consort Goddess Parvathi as Tripurasundari. 

Lord Shiva was supposedly married to Goddess Parvathi in this shrine and Sages Bharadwaja as well as Agasthya witnessed this grand event here.

  • It is believed that those who take a dip in the river Kaveri and worship the deity here, will be cured of diseases and will get relief for their ailments.
  • People who are facing Rahu Dosham (adverse effect of planet Rahu) and those facing obstacles in marriage or child birth may pray here for relief.

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Significance of the temple:

  • In this temple there is separate shrine of Lord Brahma under the Vanni Tree with three faces and the Vanni tree is his 4th face.
  • Devotees come here seeking relief from the adverse effects of Naga Dosham and they install a small stone Nagar under the Vanni tree as Adisesha was the one who was responsible for the temple.
  • There is deity of Lord Hanuman,  he is seen to have a bell tied to his tail, and he using his all the might in order to move the Sanjivani hill towards the northern direction.
  • There is also an idol of Lord Ganesha which can be seen in this shrine, he has an elephant's head for a face and a tiger's legs.

The Vanni tree which is present in the temple is more than 3000 years old. It is believed that if a leaf from this tree is put in a pot of water, the water’s purity lasts for years. Interestingly, certain portion of the tree has thorns and certain portion are devoid of any thorns. It also does not blossom or bear any fruits.

Temple Legend:

The deities of wind, namely Vayu as well as Adisesha were competing with one another to decide who was stronger among the two, Adisesha held on to to the mountain which was called Meru and Varu used all his energy and blew in the direction of the mountain in order to displace it. The mountain broke into seven parts and every part was a jeweled shiva ling. The part that was made of diamonds fell in the village of Kodumudi, in this village. Hence people pray here Lord Adishesha who was responsible for the origin of this temple

Temple Timings:

  • Morning: 06.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
  • Evening: 04.00 PM to 09.00 PM
Temple Festivals and events:
  • Chitrai tirunal is the most important festival
  • Pournami
  • Amavasya
  • Pradosha


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  • You will receive the prasadam between 15 - 30 days